a fiancée’s guide to surviving the final 100 days

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I’ve been super ghost per usual lately. I actually set a goal to write more at the start of the year, but I also vowed to only write when inspired. So much is going on everyday, but the big thing happening in my life is my upcoming WEDDING! After so many blog posts on single life and all that awesome aspects of it, I’m actually about to transition to a beautiful new season. I’m beyond excited and looking forward to doing life with my fiancé. As I finish up the last stretch as an engaged woman and since it’s almost been one year since we became engaged, I decided to write a short post on how to survive last 100 days of engagement.

  1. Exercise often

If you’re like me, you’ve hoped to exercise consistently since the moment your man placed a sparkly ring on your finger (#sheddingforthewedding). Unfortunately, this was not exactly what happened for me. Fall and winter came and I wasn’t quite as motivated to stay in shape. However, as soon as the sun started to warm things up again, I laced up my running shoes and hit the pavement. I haven’t been exercising simply for aesthetics, but more so because exercise keeps me sane. When there are so many things up in the air, it is so important to break a sweat, release some endorphins and do things that make you feel good.

2. Write in your planner

I’m not very good at keeping up with dates. If it’s not written down in my phone or planner, it doesn’t exist. I’ve been using planners for the last couple years, but nothing has made me write in my planner like the wedding. Payment deadlines, walk-through dates, appointments, vendor trials, meetings and anything else wedding-related must be written down. One of my super awesome big sisters Shalonda gifted me a beautiful Erin Condren On-the-Go Life Planner with my soon-to-be name on it a few months back. She is super generous and an incredibly thoughtful giver. I am thankful for how much it has helped me stay on track and looking forward to continue using it post-wedding.

3. Eat well

I’m a big believer in the scripture that says, “your body is a temple.” And if you’re engaged, it’s a temple you are soon to share with the one you love the most. The final 100 days is a great time to practice healthy eating habits. I try to be a plant-based, healthy eater around 80% of the time, but I definitely have cheat meals. However, I have been eating very clean as of late and it has helped me to keep my mind clear as well. Plus, I always feel better when I eat well. This also makes me feel good knowing that I will be presenting my best self to the man I love. Fight the urges to eat crazy things and try your best to keep it clean.

4. Take in all the love

The final tip is something that I am working hard to do better at. That is simply taking in all the love and not being annoyed by people constantly bring up the big day. My fiancé and I both have people in our lives who have offered love by committing to pray for us, sending gifts, offering their services or even just asking about how things are going. We are marrying each other one time only so this season will not come back again. Although it can be really annoying off-putting when people ask about your wedding over and over, think of it as love. They could be doing anything else, but they took time to inquire about your special day #preachingtomyself.  So take in the love and cherish it. It is not often that you become this important.

5. Accept help

I have a real problem with accepting help. This stems from being let down in the past. On some occasions, I’ve allowed people to help me and they have backed out of their commitment. On others, I’ve given people the opportunity to help me and our expectations have been different. What I’ve told myself is “if I just do it myself, I don’t have to worry about being disappointed.” However, I shouldn’t allow this mindset to make me more stressed than I should be by trying to do everything on my own. The last 100 days are teaching me to accept help, because there are some things that would be very odd if I did them for myself. I’m learning to allow others to help me and to be thankful for their help, even if it’s not exactly how I would have done it myself.

I hope that the tips in this blog post are helpful to other brides who are coming up on the big day! If so, let me know down below in the Comments. I realize that I haven’t really blogged about my fiancé or being engaged very much for that matter. If you’re interested in those details, who is in my wedding party or to see pictures of us, check out our wedding website by clicking here.

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