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  • my current favorite podcasts

    Hi friends,  I hope that you are well. I wanted to come to you to share some of my current favorite podcasts. Like most of you, I am a very busy person. Between my job and a number of other things going on, I am often on the move but I still like to get […]

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  • God Moves In A Mysterious Way

    In my current phase of life, certain hymns have become a mainstay in my music library. This hymn, God Moves In A Mysterious Way, has helped me to be able to accept the things that God is doing and allowing even when they made absolutely no sense to me. When speaking to my wonderful adopted […]

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  • Extraordinary – Izzy and Brooklynn

    My sister and a friend of hers created a song with spoken word to talk about how extraordinary our God is! They showed it at their school last night and it was well-received. Check it out!

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