Sermon Series

I love sermon series. It’s always great to hear multiple messages with one unifying theme. Be sure to browse the series I’ve listed and be blessed by them! [updated 8/9]

Apps For Life* | Mt. Rubidoux SDA Church

“There are hundreds of thousands of phone apps available for download. These apps can be used to wake you up, to show you where to shop, to help you count calories, or to log your exercise minutes. But they can’t actually make you get up, control your spending, manage your diet, or force you to exercise. The App Store isn’t the only place you can find apps. Did you know that the Bible has also given us many “apps” to enhance and improve our lives? In this 8-part series, Join PK and the Mt. Rubidoux staff and guest speaker Jeremey Anderson as they deal with 8 apps that can change your life. “ – from the Mt. Rubidoux SDA website

*The message on obedience rocked my world. Listen to it!

Boy Meets Girl | Louie Giglio

This series really blessed me because it is less about relationships and more about Jesus than most I’ve heard before. Giglio goes through the various steps of relationships leading up to marriage, as well as identifying crucial issues that each person who wants to be married should think about.

  1. In The Beginning
  2. Pulling Together or Drifting Apart
  3. Still Dating Dad
  4. Waiting Here for You I
  5. Waiting Here for You II
  6. The Marriage Myth

Christian Courtship & Marriage | Pastor Jeremiah Davis

This series shares 7 practical steps to marriage. The sermons make reference to the Bible as well as the books Messages to Young People and The Adventist Home, both written by Ellen G. White.

Part 1 |Part 2 | Part 3

Everybody Needs A Hero | Mt. Rubidoux SDA Church

Join us as we see what biblical truths we can learn from these super heroes. By the end you might just find that there is a true hero that lives inside of you. – from the Mt. Rubidoux SDA website

God’s Will Is Whatever | Pastor Steven Furtick

Which job should I take? How do I know if he’s the one? What am I supposed to do with my life? All our greatest questions are rooted in the same desire – to understand the will of God. We don’t want to make a bad choice or the wrong decision. We just want to know what God wants us to do and where God wants us to go. So how can we know? This series takes a closer look at God’s will – and how we fit into it all. – from the Elevation Church website

Love, Sex and Dating | Pastor Jeremy Foster

The #lovesexdating series is so great! The 429 is a ministry in Houston, Texas that ministers to young adult. The series consists of 6 messages that touch on many topics involving relationships, honor, “the one” myth, purity, shacking up, accountability and honoring-Christ. Plus, Pastor Jeremy is a fan of 90s love songs. He’s hilarious. Check out the series. You won’t regret it.

Pray Church | Glenville SDA Church

This series is rocking my world sermon by sermon. It’s about our perspectives on prayer and how to pray effectively and Biblically. If your prayer life needs a boost, please check this series out!

The Gray | Glenville SDA Church

In this series, Pastors Myron Edmonds and John Coaxum explore real topics that the Bible doesn’t directly spell out how to handle. These topics include entertainment, dress and others. Dig in!

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